How to Report a Dell System Lost or Stolen

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How to Report a Dell System Lost or Stolen

See this article.

(1) File a Police report with your local law enforcement agency and obtain the following data = Police Station, Case Number, Officer, Phone number. 

(2) Contact your Home Owner's insurance company. They will need a copy of the original Dell invoice. 

(3) Complete the "Report a Stolen System" form.

(4) Contact Dell Customer Service for your country and tell them that the laptop was stolen. Once they have verified your ownership of the laptop, the Dell representative can place a flag in our tool against the service tag for that laptop. This will prevent any unauthorized use of warranty or support until the flag is removed and ownership confirmed. 

(5) If you purchased and engaged the LoJack Theft Protection service, call them (800-456-5225 press 3, press 2) and provide the same data.

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