Plant a Tree Program


Plant a Tree Program

Reducing your Footprint

Join Dell’s Plant a Tree Program: Offset emissions while supporting reforestation

The benefits of trees are undeniable. Not only do they absorb greenhouse gas emissions, but they improve air quality, recycle water, create shade, and provide food and homes for living things across the planet. The simple act of planting trees helps sustain our communities and the environment in countless ways.

About the Program

The Plant a Tree program makes it easy for customers to help offset the approximate emissions associated with the use of their Dell products while simultaneously helping regrow and protect forests. By supporting The Conservation Fund and, the Plant a Tree program is a simple way to have a positive, lasting impact on the environment.
Plant a Tree
Here’s how it works: customers make a small payment through Dell’s online store (see below). All of the money goes directly to the Conservation Fund and who use the funds to plant native trees and rebuild important forest habitats. The trees fix carbon as they grow, turning carbon dioxide into wood. All the restoration work is done in protected areas that can never be developed or harvested for timber. Current projects are located in the U.S., Canada and Panama, and each is monitored and verified by third-party auditors to ensure the efforts meet the carbon sequestration targets.

Why customers participate

We already design our products and services to be as energy efficient as possible, but they will still use some electricity. Typical electricity generation results in carbon dioxide emissions, so there is a footprint associated with the use of electronics. For customers who would like to help offset the approximate emissions associated with the anticipated use of electricity by their new Dell product (based on three years of estimated use), we offer the Plant a Tree program.
Your Contributions in Action Your contributions in action

For example, two projects in northeastern Louisiana (USA) are restoring areas stripped of trees by heavy logging. In both Tensas River Reforestation Project and the Upper Ouachita River projects, efforts are aimed at restoring native hardwoods to a region that was once covered by dense forest before heavy logging took its toll. In addition to helping absorb carbon emissions, restoration in this area along the river provides important habitat for many species (including the endangered Louisiana Black Bear and Florida Panther) and helps process floodwaters.
Similar projects in Kansas (USA) helped restore 776 acres — more than 650 football fields — with native oak and hickory trees along river corridors. And in Panama, the Native Species Reforestation Project is converting abandoned cattle pastures back to forests, re-establishing habitat for ocelots and Central American spider monkeys while reducing erosion and protecting downstream watersheds. The site also proves income for local communities and a training ground for nursery operators.

Through their participation in the Plant a Tree program, customers have helped plant more than half a million trees, establishing more than 1,600 acres of forested land. Thanks to this success, Dell and its customers were honored with a Lifetime Achievement Award from for the ongoing commitment.

How to participate

If you live in the U.S., there are two easy ways to get started with the Plant a Tree program:
  • Make a payment today — Whether you’re an individual or a business, you can contribute to the reforestation of our planet with a simple click, offsetting the estimated carbon emissions associated with the electricity used across various IT products.
  • Participate with purchase — We make it easy and convenient for you to help offset the approximate anticipated emissions of Dell products. To participate in to the program while shopping, simply add the Plant a Tree option to your shopping cart and you’re done. If you are in a business, contact your account representative or select the Plant a Tree option on your Premier page. Also, ask us about recognition certificates available to communicate your important contributions to your employees, customers and other stakeholders.
If you do not live in the U.S., visit to participate.

Know that 100 percent of payments support these nonprofit organizations  — The Conservation Fund and — in their quest to plant millions of trees and protect the precious resources of our planet.

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