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12 Weeks to Deliver Workstation?????

I ordered a dell workstation today to use for work which I need relatively quickly to make a living. I am self-employed and need to continue on with my work. I customized the configuration to some degree to make sure that it met all requirements for the software I'd be using. Only after I entered my credit card information and confirmed my purchase that I would find out that the delivery date would be 12 weeks from the time I ordered it. Unfortunately, I ordered on a Saturday and there were no customer support representatives available to speak to. Some of the additional equipment I also ordered like the like the monitor were listed as shipped within a few hours of my order. I can live with this because I will ultimately need the monitor however I plan on canceling the workstation order first thing Monday morning if in fact the delivery time will be three months. I fear that somehow first thing Monday morning the workstation will be in production and canceling the order will not be an option Has any one experienced this kind of situation with Dell and do you have any possible resolutions to this? I plan on filing a claim with my bank to dispute the charges spent on the workstation due to un satisfactory service. Is this a viable option and has this works for anyone else? Also, is it possible to find out which components might be holding up the production and delivery date which could be possibly switched out for a more available component thus decreasing the delivery time?
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