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$15 Visa Card Still waiting more than 7 weeks!!!!

Registered my new Dell laptop in October. Received e-mail on October 17,2012 thanking me for registering my laptop and that I would receive a $15 Visa Card to upgrade to Windows 8. Still wanting for Visa Card!!!!!!!!!!!! I think the Visa Card is a wonderful promotion for those of us who purchased computers on the cusp of the Windows 8 release, however, this seems flawed.  If there is a Visa Card out there in the mail, there is no confirmation number, it's obviously not in the customers name, there's a strong possibility that someone is enjoying your customers visa cards! My husband purchased tires from a company with a $50 Visa Card rebate and it was received in  the mail in less than 4 weeks! I would really like to know if I am to receive a visa card so I can finally upgrade to Windows 8

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Re: $15 Visa Card Still waiting more than 7 weeks!!!!

I am really worried that  I will not get the $15 Visa Card  for Win8 upgrade from DELL either.  I did not even get the second e-mail after I registered the laptop in November. 
I did call  DELL last night and was told that I will definitely get the card in 4 to 6 weeks even if I did not register with the DELL registration application that kicks in automatically from the purchased computer ( I registered thru the DELL website instead).  No confirmation number, no tracking number just they were sure that as long as it is a new laptop I will get it.
I would like to know if anyone at DELL has any idea.  The computer is an excellent product  ( zero issues) but I think DELL has no idea about the rebate ( must be handled by a diff company).   How difficult is it for a  DELL employee to look up the service tag number and verify that the card is in the mail or not???

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