1 Copper


I purchased my first dell a year ago, within a few months the touchpad was inoperable.  I own my own business, purchased through the small business department, I begged to have the computer replaced.  Two months later, I finally received a new computer after four repair attempts.  Opened the new box this week: 1)  the keypad is not functional (adds spaces eliminates spaces at will) 2) the mouse/cursor takes over the computer by itself and runs around the page opening things and  jerks around spontaneously 3) when multiple windows are open everything shakes and 4) when scrolling the monitor cuts out and goes to black over and over.  I have spent 900.00 and I have yet to have a computer  one year later that works.   At this time, I feel the only resolution is to file a complete with the consumer affairs and potentially hire an attorney to receive my money back.  Today, I tried  to handle this via a phone call and was placed on hold for a  total of four hours with no resolution....I would never hold that  long, but I have $900 out of my pocket and no working computer, THAT IS CRAZY!  As a frequent publisher on articles of customer satisfaction, I can't  help but guess  my next piece will  be about the reliability of Dell products, or lack thereof and beyond the poor product, the poorer service.