3 order got cancelled in one month

I have ordered dell Xps 8910 on sept 24th Saturday evening. I got mail from dell regarding my order it was confirmed. Sunday i checked my bank ac not seen any transaction so try to contact dell the said i need to contact credit card depatment and they will avaialble on monday only. So in the morning i tried to contact dell credit card the order was got cancelled even without a mail or any information from dell side. Then again i contacted sales THe rep says that system was gone and they will call me when that same sytem with same configuration is avaialable for the price i bought  on 24th. i waited 2 weeks nobody calls and i check online and saw the system was avalable . Again i contacted customercare they are saying they did not mentioned like anything. I have waited for 2 weeks for a system it is very much frustrating act.

Again i serached and i found one system on yesterday jul-20 and ordered in the noon because of old epereince i checked the status in the evening and i saw order was cancelled by verification team this time also no mail except the order cofirmation mail.

3rd time so evening i again ordered my last dell system and  today morning i got a call from verification team they are not seeing my name in the address. I told i can share my driving licence copy but he wants to talk to the my employer he is not ready for taking other option. My vehicle registed in the same address i bought another bag from dell on that address that i got  but for this one only they need to talk to my employer i got frustrated and said please cancel the order because i think i am paying all the money to dell and they are consider me as salve or something like that.

I am writing this with my dell laptop but this might be my last dell product.