ABSOLUTE WORST.  I have written to Consumer Reports and will continue to make it my life's mission to tell people how awful my Dell experience was.  Hard drive failure. Had cancer and recent heart attack. Trying to get help for over 10 days. Punked around and passed around constantly, by really incompetent people, including lifting my computer over my head to look for battery opening 'cuz they forgot which customer they were talking to for over an hour. UNBELIEVABLE. KAVITA Bhowmick was the WORST at the end when I finally lost it. Get being assure they would help if I only did this or talked to the right department.  1st quote for new hard drive: $59, when I tried to follow up, $79, then when I get supposedly to Refurbished request, $149.  After 10 days of begging for help. Immoral,Nasty.  If they can't help, just say no - instead tortured me with repeated *** in foreign accents and bad emojis, saying I'm sorry, what I just told you was wrong, just do this. Oh forget that, I meant, this.  Here is the link (which inevitably was an invalid link).  Horror story. I will not rest.  

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