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Alienware X51, wrong os, pc died under 2 hours of unboxing

Yea so i just got my x51 today at around 3 pm. ive set it up downlaoded gta 4 played 2 hours and bang! My pc died now it wont even start no lights whatsoever and no response has it took no power! the <deleted profanity> is this <deleted profanity>!  On top of that I got the wrong <deleted profanity> OS in it. i asked for windows 8 and got 7! the <deleted profanity> is up with that? I simply want a working pc with the right os! <deleted profanity> if i where you guys id even send a better one to apologize for the hundreds of systems that doesnt even work and still letting people buy defective pc's. this is going on facebook for sure. regards! please i just want my pc to work its a gift to my girlfriend. now she is not having any.

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RE: Alienware X51, wrong os, pc died under 2 hours of unboxing


The usage of profanity in any form is prohibited on our Forum. Those have been deleted from your post.

You need to contact the Alienware team and let them know what is technically wrong with the system and the fact that the incorrect OS was ordered.

Phone = 866-287-6727
Email = awsocialmedia@dell.com, AWCC-Resolution_experts@Dell.com

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