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Another Delivery Horror Story

I ordered a high end Precision 7720 on October 12th. I got a delivery date of October 18th on my order status page and arranged to stay home to sign for it. No shipment details the night before, so I called to check. Nope won’t be delivered on the 18th but it is complete! We'll get a new date up there. So on Thursday the 19th, it still said the 18th. I called again. The rep called Manufacturing. Good news, my machine was on a shuttle to Los Angeles for shipping, and since I paid for overnight shipping, it’ll certainly be shipped Friday and arrive Monday - guaranteed! Haha. No shipping notification, no date change online until Sunday. Now delivery is the 24th or 25th! My customer rep says, yes it’ll be shipped the 24th, but now I’m very skeptical. We’ll see. I frankly do not believe anything Dell tells me at this point. How the heck can it be sent to the shipping center on Thursday and not actually sent for 5 days? If indeed it’s even sent then? If it’s delayed again, I’m thinking seriously of cancelling and going with Lenovo or HP. This is not starting out to be a good experience.

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