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Another sketchy experience with someone calling from "Dell"

I have had repeated phone calls from three very different numbers from individuals claiming to be with Dell Support and telling me that there was some dire problem with my software - most recently a virus.  Call quality is always quite poor and callers are heavily accented and hard to understand.  If I don't answer a call from them they call back over and over.  The second guy was a little easier to understand, wanted access to my desktop, and was quite pushy.  When I insisted that if Dell had something this important to tell me they needed to send it to me in writing, he responded with an (again heavily accented) "f bomb", which indicated to me that he didn't have the temperament typical of the legitimate tech support guys I have dealt with who are really patient and really nice.  I hung up but really wanted to clarify to him that it is "fuh" and not "foo".  Today's call came from a number that was one digit off from the Dell Support number but again the call quality was quite poor.  I did call this number back and it was answered by a robot and forwarded to a receptionist who did not seem very well trained.  If this is NOT a scam, I will eat my hat.

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RE: Another sketchy experience with someone calling from "Dell"

Glad your Hat is intact.

I've had a few calls like that but now I'm getting Microsoft callers. Luckily, I can reject the number. What gets my goat is the "Private" numbers. I just don't answer them.

Not sure if this message board is moderated but last night I was online via a Dell Rep/Tech chat. The Gloria Laxamana was telling me that because I upgraded to Windows 10 and didn't keep the original OS this Desktop came with, This Rep dropped the Tech Toll Free number and poof, Rep was gone.

My 2 Year extended Hardware/Software warranty was no longer applicable. Sheesh, why did they bill my credit card?


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RE: Another sketchy experience with someone calling from "Dell"

Hi echmd81,

Thanks for posting and bringing this to our attention.

We've heard reports of unscrupulous persons using the Dell name, Microsoft's name, Geek Squad, and a variety of others to bilk customers.  Rest assured, Dell technicians would not be calling customers for this type of issue.  If you would like to assist our Fraud Division in circumventing these alleged fraudsters, then please read this article and fill out the secure form so they can investigate further.  Thanks.


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