Appalling service

I have always been happy with the service that I received from Dell.

This has however changed since I have been in the UK.

Once again I have been appalled by the service from DELL

The fact that I have a 24 hour next business day support contract is irrelevant and apparently is useless.

I contacted DELL on the 23 of last month, today is the 4 July.

I am told that on Thursday an engineer might come and see me,

7 working days or 13 days after I contacted you, if they do arrive….

I contacted Dell today as no person e-mailed me or contacted me after I sent an e-mail.

I was told that the part was not available, even though I spoke to DELL today and was reassured  that a technician would arrive tomorrow. 

The lady that contacted me said that she would contact DELL and explain that the part would only arrive on Thursday, although Dell has assured me the engineer would be on site on Wednesday.

A little difficult if they do not have the part.

No person from Dell contacted me and I contacted Dell. 

I am tired of being messed around.

I had the same situation with my other DELL service that took over 2 weeks to be resolved on the same agreement. 

I am having a problem with one of my other laptops that I have purchased that still has 2 year left of its warrantee and I am not sure I will contact Dell about this.


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RE: Appalling service


I regret the overall experience. This is not what we are known for. Please private message the service tag, registered name on the account and your email address. Let me look into the dispatch status.

You could send us a private message by hovering the mouse pointer over my username, and adding me as friend.

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RE: Appalling service

This has been a very long week.

I was told on Monday that an engineer would arrive, no engineer arrived.

I contacted Dell, they said that the part was still not in stock.

I was told that it would happen on Wednesday.

I contacted Dell to be told that it would happen on Thursday.

Today I contacted Dell again.  I am not sure why Dell do not contact me...

I was told that an engineer would arrived during the morning.

At 12:00 I contacted Dell to say that no person had contacted me.

I was told that the engineer would contact me within the next hour to make arrangements to fix the problem.

At 15:00 I contacted Dell again to ask why no person had contacted me.

I was told that the engineer would only arrive tomorrow....

Another day and still no result.

This is becoming a trend with Dell

I have now also written a response on trustpilot about the poor and appalling service.

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RE: Appalling service

So Friday morning came and I eventually phoned at 15:00 to ask what was happening.

I was told that something was booked,  but no one had arrived.

Dell then said that a person would be there on Monday.

To my surprise an engineer contacted me on Monday morning and told me that they would be at with me from 13:00 – 14:00.

After spending 2 hours with me, he told me that the tablet could not be fixed.

He phoned Dell and said that it was his advice to replace the tablet.

When I contacted Dell later I was told that Dell would like me to courier the tablet to them for testing.

This would take between 9 and 12 working days to sort out.

I do not mean to be funny but for a 24 hour next business day warrantee let us look at what has happened:  

I reported this on the 23 June, so there has already been 15 working days.

I was told that a courier would pick this up on Wednesday.

Allowing for the worst case scenario of 12 working days, this will be the 31 July.

A total of 27 working days or just over 5 weeks.

The thing that I find most irritating is that:

  • I have had to initiate all the correspondence
  • I was not kept in the loop about anything
  • Every time I spoke to a person from Dell they told me something different.
  • This has taken so long for this to be resolved and it is still not resolved.

Overall this has been the worst customer service that I have ever experienced.

I have already written a review on trustpilot, but have now writing on my personal blog about this experience as well.  I know that one person cannot make a huge impact on your sales, but I have a little over 150 000 people who have visited my blog, I have for 2 years been voted as one of the two best education blogs in the country, so I am hoping that this might make a bit of impact.

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RE: Appalling service

I received a call from a manager on Wednesday morning apologizing for the delay in their service and this was not the usual way in which Dell operate.  He told me that this had been escalated and he would make sure that this was expedited. 

 My tablet was picked up on Wednesday, 12 July and I then received the following email on the 14 July.

Sent: 14 July 2017 12:07
Hi Warren,

Good day! Just an update here, your computer already in transit to our repair center and the estimated date of arrival to our repair center will be on Monday, 17th of July. We'll send you an update on Tuesday again.

My first question is where was this unit going that it would take 5 days to get there?  This also meant that according to the e-mail and I have copied and pasted from your e-mail

  • The unit will be returned repaired in 7 to 12 business days from date of pickup.

Today has now been six working days and still no tablet.  When I looked online I was told that the part had been ordered, but no delivery date.

The second part is about communication and I was once again the person that had to commence the correspondence, even though you said in your e-mail that you would contact me on Tuesday.  I contacted you today, Thursday and I was appalled at some of the answers I received from my questions.

I asked if there was any news about the tablet.

I was told that it had been transferred to a different department and that is why Dell did not contact me.  I asked if the other department was in Dell and the answer was no.  It was a different company that Dell contracted out to.  When I asked if they did not have the same service that Dell offers with regards to communication or service, I was told they do not! 

Once again, still no news and no tablet …

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RE: Appalling service

Thank you Dell.

I finally have my tablet back working, although I waited ages for this.

I am going to put in my Dell laptop that has a faulty screen.

Hopefully this will go a great deal smoother!


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