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Are Dell's people in India being paid by the competition?

Just try and get through to the verification department. And the get an answer after 90 minutes on hold only to be "transferred" to limbo where they expect you to hang up, and you do. Mission accomplished. A full week trying to buy a Dell laptop, with some verification issues on CC. Fine, let's verify. Done. Get email saying I never called. Lies, lies.

I really like the XPS13, but I guess I'll wait a bit until Lenovo, Asus or HP come up with something that goes head-to-head with it. Lenovo is close, they just need a back-lit keyboard and it's just a question of waiting a bit...

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RE: Are Dell's people in India being paid by the competition?

Hi Corhkat,  

Thank you for posting your comments on the Dell Community Forum Customer Care Page. I appreciate the opportunity for address your concerns.

Since you already provided your order number, I forwarded your concerns to the agent who placed your order on hold. I am awaiting a response regarding how we can get your order reinstated. I'll email you privately when I have more information to share.

Thanks for your patience,

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