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Astonished! Dell customer service abetted me to install pirated win system

    I bought a DELL desktop computer, model inspiron 660 on Sep 24th, with service tag [Admin note, service tag remover per TOU.]  TD  . And this computer is a gift for my mother who knows little computer knowledge and lived alone in my homwtown. I bought computers directly in dell.com.cn before, as you can check my account mail box, but  in order to have better after-sales service , I tried to consult the DELL online customer service. However, unexpectedly, the online customer service transferred my request to a Sales Representative, who is Ms. [ Admin note, name edited out per TOU.]TD and contacted me through QQ(an IM software) later.

    In our conversaation, I claimed that this computer is for an elder people who lives alone, and also consulted some software service related questions. Ms. [ Admin note, name edited out per TOU.] TD answered and told me that there would be 200RMB discount if I placed order via her (instead of via DELL online), and all the hareware&software configure  are the same as shown in DELL online unless I made change myself. After our conversation, she sent me the quotation. For the trust of DELL (by the way, it was my 3rd DELL computer bought via DELL online), I only checked the optional items I picked (color for the case and upgraded 3-year after-sales service, which includes software 24-hour on-call service), but not checking every details (believing that would be as told, same as shown in DELL online).

    However, when the computer arrived on Sep 30th, I found it installed Linux, while what shown in DELL online should be Windows8. Which means, the so-called discount 200RMB comes from degrading windows8 system to a free source operation system! As we all know, very few people use linux system, fewer know how to use and enjoy it.

    I called DELL customer service and requested Win8 installation. The customer service promised to feedback after the Chinese National Holiday. On Oct 8th , I received a call from DELL customer service [ Admin note, customer service rep. number removed per TOU.[ TD , saying that the quotation has been confirmed by me, so cannot fulfill my request. While I emphasized again, I was told by your sales representative that all the configure are the same as shown in DELL online. No.7675, Miss [Admin note, name removed per TOU.] TD , to my biggest suprise, abetted me to download PIRATED Windows operations system and install, which claimed to be previous practice. What she said is "some customers choose linux system and install pirated windows system themselves to save money. You can also do it like this." I was totally astonished!

   Again, I pointed out what I ordered (model inspiron 660) was now only 4099RMB in DELL online, with the upgraded 3-year after sales service, total will be 4248RMB; while the price provided by your sales representative was 3948RMB, price gap 300RMB, which is almost the price of Win8 software; in other words, the discount offer was void but sacrifice the operating system.

    Here, I have several questions: 1. Why the sales representative chose Linux system in the quotation, which is rarely used by non computer science background consumers, after I have clearly and definitely claimed it is for my mom who living alone and after already ordered the "software 24-hour on-call" service?   

     2. Why the configure changed (from shown in DELL online Win8 to Linux on the quotation) without clearly inform or reminder; and again, during the conversation, the sales representative said it would be the same, only if I myself change.

     3. Whether it is misleading or even cheating, in the name of discount offer while in fact it is cutting down the configure?

     4. as a leading company with worldwide reputation in IT industry, I could not imagine DELL customer service would ask your consumers to download and install pirated software. I really have to doubt the ethics and social responsibility that DELL has. 

    All in all, the quotation was confirmed under the condition of misleading by the sales representative, and should be invalid in this sense. Therefore, I insist on my request to re-install Win8 by DELL or return of goods, and will hold my right for further compensation in light of related regulations.

    Hope to hear your replies.

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RE: Astonished! Dell customer service abetted me to install pirated win system

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RE: Astonished! Dell customer service abetted me to install pirated win system


This has been forwarded to our overseas partners.   You should hear from them.

If you haven't in a week, post back in this thread and I'll follow it up for you.



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RE: Astonished! Dell customer service abetted me to install pirated win system

Hi zhumudao,

We are sorry about the inconvenience and the miscommunication. Request you to send me the system service for the purchase via private message. I will check and see what can be done.

To send a private message, click on my user name and select send message.

Thanks and Regards,
Kiran Kumar
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Download Drivers : http://dell.to/1hcxG98

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