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Bad Buying Experience, #2

I placed an order this very afternoon but it was after hours of agony online and by voice that finally got the laptop ordered.  

The language barrier was extreme.  To limit that issue, I tried to order online but the agent online was not knowledgeable concerning the current pricing of the laptop.  

After hours of thought, I was petrified about what may lie ahead should there be warranty issues.   I cancelled the order.  

I’ve had two Dells previously with absolutely no issues so it was a no brainer to go back to Dell.  It was a serious mistake.   I even did a fair amount of research and yes, there were issues folks commenting on but Dell’s customer service was touted as one of the industry’s best.   I just don’t see it after today. 

The entire experience with Dell the past two days have been horrible event.   Dell seriously needs to step up and get a handle on this.  

I went on Dell’s chat line tonight and canceled my order.  Ironically, the last agent who canceled the order seemed to be the most customer service oriented person I’ve dealt with. 

I hope others have better luck with Dell than I did.

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