Bank Card charged 5 times for recent Laptop purshase!

Ordered a laptop with a Dell sales rep and agreeded to have my bank card  debited for $ 2,187.04 and I ended up having  5 charges submitted $2,187.04, $2,187.04, $1,187.04, $1,000.00 and $1,000,00 for a total of $7,561.12 on my 2 cards. My order was not processed I was told there was a technical issue with the credit card transactions the day i ordered.  The one card I used is a debit card checking account in which I pay my bills with. I had $7,800.00 in my accounts before I called Dell now I have less than $200.00 and 7 bank over drafts at $38.00 because there is no money in my account to these auto pay transactions. My laptop was going to be a present for my son who is in the military and returning home from deployment. Now I can't order it all my money is tied up until it is refunded and have over $200.00 in bounced checks that I have to pay to my bank and no laptop. How could this happen? My buying experience was ruined and I am now waiting to get my money back. This week I received a DELL monitor which I purchased online for $ 600.00 that is going to be sent back the refunded money will go towards paying my over drafts!  I have two DELL computers a Alienware Area 51 R2 and a Alienware 17 R4 laptop and will be getting rid of them and never buy a DELL PRODUCT AGAIN. WHAT A TOTAL DISASTER STORY ! No one has done nothing to help  me solve this issue. I left emails and messages to be called back and no one did. I am so disgusted I would like to have a return shipping label sent to me to return my monitor. Someone or something caused this error and I got screwed. I know I will get my money back  but everything got ruined and I have lost faith in buying  again from Dell. I would never gave piece of mind doing a credit card transaction with them again who knows maybe the next time I have 10 TRANSACTIONS instead of 5 TRANSACTIONS! Dell should be responsible for their mistakes and make this right to keep my business it's the right thing to do.

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