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Basic Hardware Warranty Support

Hello - I'm looking for help in how to proceed with this problem.

I have a Basic Hardware Warranty on an Inspiron 7373, and the system is getting a Crash/BSOD.

I have contact Dell support via chat twice on this issue and they claim that since remote diagnostics pass, I cannot get the system repaired under warranty (A summary of the problem and steps taken is below).  Dell Support wants me to pay for out of plan service.  It seems crazy to me that an intermittent hardware problem is not covered just because the Dell diagnostics don't catch the problem.  The problem is easily re-creatable.  What do I do next?

Summary of the issue:

The laptop will crash after a period of time when I have stepped away from it with the lid closed and the laptop still running.  When it occurs I will get either a blank screen or a BSOD accompanied by the fan running on high.  The BSOD stop error is "WHEA UNCORRECTABLE ERROR".  When Dell runs the diagnostics everything passes.

During the first chat session the agent said this is a software problem not covered under warranty and wanted me to pay for out of plan support - I understand that, but turned down the out of plan support because I am an IT person and can reload the software.

I then wiped the SSD and used the Dell OS Recovery tool to reload the OS.  I Support Assist to update all drivers and did Windows update.  I installed no other software.  I then logged in with no other software running and closed the lid.  When I checked it one hour later, it had the same BSOD error.

I then contacted Dell Support again and was refused service because Dell Diagnostics do not detect the problem.

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