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Be careful about their delivery!

PLEASE don't trust what dell claims seriously. They always hide some important information to their customers! And their delivery is awful!

I bought a desktop on 08/09, nearly two weeks ago. Before my purchase, it claimed two day delivery but did not told me what was the estimated delivery date. Then after I made the purchase, confirmation email told me estimated delivery date was 08/22?! I contacted Dell, they told me they need time to assemble and test the device even though Amazon indicated the same model with the same configuration was in stock. Beside, before my purchase, I contacted their online sales about the delivery date, they even didn't tell me that part. 

Then they promised an overnight shipment but somehow later the updated email indicated I bought another model of desktop! And I need to contact them again to correct it. 

And finally it was shipped on 08/18 and indicated would be delivered on 08/19. But then on 08/19 when I checked again, the delivery date changed to 08/23, even later than 2 days delivery?!!! I contacted Fedex and Dell and figured out somehow Dell made an international shipment and shipped it from Mexico? However, the tracking information still indicated it was shipped from Texas? They explained it was just something wrong with system updates and since it was shipped, they could not do anything and cannot gave me compensation. And they also told me an international delivery need lat least 3 days, then why they claim it as overnight shipment? Last but not the least, the customer care person was so rude and said it sometimes happened and it is not their fault!

Hopefully that could help people who plan to purchase from Dell. Be careful about their delivery!

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Hi LuciferTian2010, 

Thank you for posting your comments on the Dell Community Forum Customer Care Board. Please allow me to apologize for any disappointment the delayed shipping may have caused you. I appreciate this opportunity to explain the difference between the Order Date, the Estimated Shipping Dare (ESD) and the Estimated Delivery Date (EDD). Dell is a mail order merchant and a manufacturer.  For this reason we are unable to guarantee any ship dates. All of our ship and delivery dates are estimated and subject to change based on availability. We do not offer compensation for delayed orders. 

The Order Date is the date you place an order. If the item is not available to ship, either through manufacturing or stock availability, you need to wait however many days until it becomes available before it can be shipped. 

The Shipping Date is an estimate only, and is not guaranteed. The product invoices on the day it actually ships, which is also the date your warranty becomes effective. 

The Delivery Date is an estimate only, and is not guaranteed. You may pay an additional fee to upgrade the shipping, or if the item is purchased through the Dell Advantage Rewards Program, you are entitled to 2 day shipping. Otherwise, standard shipping is 3 – 5 days, with the exception of large TV’s which are shipped Freight and can be 7 – 10 days delivery time. Dell does not contract with any carriers for weekend or Holiday deliveries. 

Because Dell is a mail order company, very few of our systems are prebuilt. If you need something quickly, you may find some of our products at 3rd party retailers like Best Buy, Fry's, Costco, Staples, or Walmart. When you place an order online or over the phone with a sales agent, it goes directly to the manufacturer for completion. It is shipped to the US from our manufacturing facilities in China, Mexico or Ireland to our distribution center, and then on to your final destination. Normally the process is from 7 to 10 business days, but may be longer due to unforeseen circumstances.

I hope this helps you understand the difference in Order date, Ship date and delivery date. If you still need assistance, I am happy to look into your order. Please reply to my email and provide the requested information so I may access your account records. 


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