Bought a brand new Inpsiron 15 7000 series

I had a very bad experience that first time I bought a Dell Laptop a few years back after being an avid fan of Toshiba. Since this brand is no longer sold, I have to shop around and look for another brand that gave me the same level of experience as my brand. I was debating between Dell and MSI and decided to go for Dell again, hoping that this time, I will not be buying a lemon unit. I should have gone with MSI because this also served me for quite a number of years as well. 

Unfortunately, I did get a lemon unit, a couple of weeks after buying this, I started having technical problems which led me to call tech support. I am on an out of country trip for 7 weeks and I have to call Dell internationally for a tech support because that number that they have in local is not working. For several days leading to more than two weeks, I have to communicate via email with the tech support for the issues of the laptop. Note that the issue started after my sales warranty from the vendor expired. My warranty was expiring so I bought a warranty extension service against my personal belief that I am being robbed in daylight by Dell. The warranty I bought and paid for was USD50.15 but this time I had to pay 55 dollars. Unbeknown to me, the first order was cancelled because apparently the card was declined. I called the number posted on their site and I got bounced from agent to agent. I was put on hold and then I waited until I decided to just call again. Then the sales agent has the most terrible customer service attitude. I guess, he knows that Dell customer's do not have any choice and there's no way we as customers can go after them. I feel that I was given the short end of the stick and got <profanity removed> backwards and sideways. After this experience, both on the quality of the product and after sales service, I will never ever return back to Dell.

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