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Cancelled Monitor Order

So I had the brilliant idea of not doing my research before shopping on this site. I saw a monitor that sent sparkles through my eyes and went ahead and ordered it. Order was cancelled. It has been over a week, and the transaction has still not returned to my Paypal funds. I have talked back and forth between Paypal and Dell, and for once I feel like I might be making something resembling progress. As of now, Paypal is requiring that I send a document or image listing my account number, the authorization number, the amount, the date of transaction, the reason authorization should be released, and the [name and phone number of merchant supervisor, manager, or someone in Accounts Receivable department]. I have everything but the reason the transaction was cancelled (well I do, but it contains far too many expletives for it to merit any consideration from Paypal). The Square Enix Store was a nightmare to get a hold of, but at least I actually got what I paid for.

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