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Compensation for delayed repair

So December 15th, I started the repair process of fixing my computers speakers (in warranty) and December 17th I sent my computer in and it was received December 20th I believe. I was told repair would take 4 to 5 business days and it'd take a few days to arrive afterwards. About 6 business days (not counting 24th and 25th) passed and it hadn't even been assigned a technician. I called and they said I was told the wrong information and it would actually take 7 to 10 business days to repair. I didn't mind just a little frustrated. However, at the 10 business day mark it updated saying that a part they need is back ordered and would not arrive until January 10th. It is now January 14th it still hasn't arrived and there are no updates. I have college starting back up soon and need the computer. I am planning on calling customer, but does anyone know if I can receive a replacement or compensation for this?

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You'll have to ask customer support about the possibility of a refund or system exchange.  No manufacturer provides compensation for loss of use, though.


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Dell warranty, compensation policy

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