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Complaint regarding Customer Service representative

Hello, I don't know where to put in a complaint regarding customer service; so I'm putting it here.

I recently was talking with Anjali G regarding my Alienware PC. My system has been having issues that I have narrowed down to the Alienware PC itself and when I addressed it with with the man, he said I could not be helped because my warranty was expired. I understand this and he then offered to extend the warranty on the system which would have costed over $400. I understand why the cost could be so high, but for that price I might as well buy a new system. When I said this to Anjali G he told me that new versions of my alienware system cost over $4000! This is complete <profanity> as I know and have looked that the newest version of my system was only $1700 at the moment! He then tried to tell me that I paid $3600 for my computer system because we bought it from a Virtual Reality representative.

Again this is complete <profanity> because I know we paid less than $1400 and I even contacted my Representative and he verified we paid less than $1400 for the system. Anjali G <attacking> right to me and tried to swindle out the prices of the PC. He is full of <profanity> and should be removed from your service team as I am sure he has <attacking> to other customers as well.

If a moderator or Dell Higher up sees this, I would be more than happy to send a copy of my chat transcript with him.

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