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Constant unending scam calls from someone saying they are Dell support

For the last several months I have been getting calls from 800-624-9896‬, which I was able to trace back to Dell. Now I do own a Dell 15 2 in 1 that I bought last year, I wiped it and installed Windows 10 pro and I am member of Microsoft Insiders. So I am constantly wiping and reinstalling Windows when a Insiders messes something up. That is the only Dell I own the other PC's are ones I build myself and my wife owns a iMac Pro for what she does. So there is no Dell apps from factory on the XPS.

Now I am by no means a moron. I have been building PC's since 1983, I am have been a IT Admin for 19 years. So I can smell BS coming when it comes to security vulnerabilities. So Imagine my utter and complete surprise when I started getting phone call from someone who sounds Indian saying that they (Dell) got a alert to a security issue with my Dell PC. That a Virus was detected and they are willing to fix it. I said no that must be a mistake because the one Dell I own doesn't have the factory copy of Windows 10 on it, etc, etc,etc and he got pushy. After dealing with his garbage for 10 minutes I told him to go somewhere and hung up. 2 hours later another phone call from someone else saying they are Dell, and that they detected a security issue with my PC. And this has been going on for months now 2-3 times a day. 

Now I am not upset at Dell because of this because I personally believe they are a scam group that is trying to install ransomware onto my PC so they can try to make money off of me. But I want to know how the heck did they get my information from Dell, knowing full well that I did in fact buy Dell hardware from Dell. I can't believe this was a wild guess on their end. And besides changing my number, how in the world do I stop these idiots from constantly calling me. Is 800-624-9896 a actual phone number from Dell? Cause I do want to still do business with Dell in the future. However I may not have a choice but to block this number if it is going to keep happening. I call the number and I get a recording about it being dell, and telling me to press this button for this, that and the other thing. So what shall I do?

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