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Customer Care - Is that what it is?

I bought online, or I thought I did, 2 computers last evening from Dell. When I tried to use Paypal the Dell site kept saying Paypal was unavailable. I use Paypal daily and have not had any problems. I called Paypal to find that it was not an issue on their end. I called the credit card (CC) to find that it was not an issue on their end. Went back to the Dell site and completed the transaction by being forced to go with a credit card only. Got all of the confirmations by email within a couple of minutes. This morning I get an email from Dell stating that the transactions were not good and to contact them. Prior to contacting Dell I called the CC. They stated that they stopped the transaction because it was entered as 2 separate sales simultaneously and this usually represents fraud. I informed them that it was an OK transaction. I call Dell give them the order # and the rep says its all good.  I asked him what happened with Paypal. He states that sometimes they have issues with Paypal. I tell him about the email I got from Dell saying it is not all good. He reiterates that the order is OK. The problem is there is only one computer on the order. After numerous times telling him that there was 2 computers he finally comprehends what I am saying. He states that the other computer is a different order#. We have know been on the phone in excess of 45 minutes to get to this point. He states that we have to start over with another order. So I do the order again. Following that hour long escapade I asked him some questions about the SSD and Video manufacturers in the computer. He rattles off all of the big names immediately. The only problem was I had a copy of the proposed build sheet that stated that the suppliers he quoted were not the manufacturers. He puts me on hold for 13 minutes while he checks the info. Comes back to the phone and states that he has to elevate this to the Concern Team and he will call me back in 15 minutes. That was 5 1/2 hours ago.During that 5 1/2 hours I emailed him and left a message on his extension with no response.  In the mean time I call the phone number that came on the email this morning and get another person. They state that both orders are on hold. I asked him why. He does not know but will find out. He puts me on hold and I wait for48 minutes and I hang up. I call back and asked for a supervisor, which is like asking to talk to God, and on hold I go again.  I call back and get another person and go through the exact same escapade. I wind up on hold for 33 minutes and finally hang up. I email the original agent and state that I would like to speak to someone in regards to cancelling my order and give him my phone #. Within 2 minutes I get an email back stating he has my information and will call me. I am still waiting 2 1/2 hours later. I have talked to 6 different people at Dell, with a total of 3 hours and 17 minutes of actual phone time, in an attempt to complete the purchase of 2 computers.  It is blatantly obvious that the people representing Dell only have cookie cutter answers and nothing more. The agents  have a hard time explaining anything if you can understand their English. Having dealt with my experience today I started exploring the Web only to find that my issues are common place. I am a procurement agent by trade. I have never in my 38 years of business seen anything like this. If it is this much trouble to purchase a computer I can not even begin to imagine what any service issue would be like. The one thing I know is that my money will spend in a lot of places with a lot less issues and with customer service people I can understand. Sorry for the novel but I feel like others need to know about my experience.

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