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Customer Service Reps Hung up on me - twice!

I just ordered a computer for my boss, but it took me 5 hours to order it.

I had to call the customer service number (1.888.518.3355) three or four times to get the product ordered. I was hung up on once (after the man awkwardly breathed on the phone for a minute and refused to answer my question of if he was still there) and transferred without warning once.

This was without a doubt the worst (and creepiest!) costumer service I have ever received. Please teach your representatives to give warning when placing somebody on hold, not transfer them without warning, and most importantly do not hang up on the customer.

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Community Manager

RE: Customer Service Reps Hung up on me - twice!

Hi Sam.las,

Thanks for your post.  I apologize that you had so much difficulty ordering your computer.  This is not typical of the type of customer experience we would like to have. Perhaps some re-training might be in order.  If you have the names of the agents you spoke to, I'd be happy to mention it to their managers.

Thanks again.



Dell-Robert P
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