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I ordered a new computer on August 1st.  The sales rep assured me that they would set it up in my home, transfer data from my old computer, set up my wireless printer etc.  The order was confirmed on August 1st, Thursday. Beginning on Friday 8-2 I began to get phone calls from an automated system telling me to schedule setting up my computer (which I did not have yet).  On Monday 8-4 I finally answered the phone (after all they were calling every 2-3 hours) and told them I did did not have the machine yet. But confirmed that they would transfer my data, hook up my printer etc. They told me no that I didn't pay for that. On Tuesday 8-06, their automated system called and I again answered the phone and spoke w/someone who advised me that when I get the computer to call with the tag number. On Wednesday 8-7 I finally received the computer.  I called Dell for the install and they said they weren't supposed to install it? Huh?

I have now been on the phone daily for an average of five hours a day (August 8, 9,10) trying to reach them to either install this system, or take it back. I spoke w/a supervisor on 8-7 who was supposed to call me by close of business on 8-8. He never did. Now I spoke with on 8-12 who advised that will call me back within four hours. Working with Dell is like having a part time job and not getting paid. I have been unable to find out who the CEO is? Who I can speak with.  Everyone just tells me how sorry they are and that they are working on it.  If this is not resolved by 2pm CST 8-12, I am simply going to sent Dell a bill for 20 Hours of my time at $20/hour and a $25 Storage fee for the computer I keep tripping over that has not been set up yet.

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 Moving this thread to the Customer Care Forum.



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First all all, save billing Dell... you'll get no where with that.

Second, I have heard of Dell coming out and setting up the system, but I never have heard of them transferring your data from the old system to the new one.

That's why they give you two weeks or so before they expect the old system is sent back.

J Here's what I suggest you do....

Contact one of our Customer Care/Order Support Liaisons via a Private message.
 Please only
message ONE of them -

DELL-Frances Y
DELL-Lorna M
DELL-Harish M

Once you have clicked on one of the links, click Start conversation or Send Email. They will
need the following information to investigate -
  • Email Address:
  • Name:
  • Shipping Address:
  • Phone Number:
  • Dell order number or Service Tag number:
  • Your country
  • Country where system was bought
  • Issues

Give them a couple days to get back to you.



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Thank you for posting your issues in our Community and Welcome!

I can look into the details of this installation that you have been waiting if you can provide me with the information below via private message ( click my username in blue then Start Conversation );

Dell Order Number:
Account Name:
Your complete name ( if different from Account Name):

Thanks & Regards,
DELL-Frances Y
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