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DELL & COMPUINDIA Passing the buck on consumer for faulty parts

I purchased two connecting cables via COMPUINDIA DELL Online store
1. HDMI to DVI (male)
2. DVI (female) to VGA

The DVI male doesn't match the DVI female & COMPUINDIA have simply raised their hands.
DELL is also quite happily avoiding any hand in the deal by just passing the buck to COMPUINDIA (while they still call COMPUINDIA as part of DELL)

'There is no solution , you had purchased two different cables & trying to interconnect "
& "Both are separate cable , Designed for different purpose cannot be interlinked "

NEITHER is there any specification differentiation provided for the DVI, nor any labelling difference for the order placed
& DELL & COMPUINDIA are very happy to keep passing the buck on the consumer for THEIR OWN FAULTY DELIVERY.

DELL & COMPUINDIA seem to have adopted a very callous attitude towards handling products & customers
& simply putting the blame on the consumer in a highly irresponsible manner...

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Re: DELL & COMPUINDIA Passing the buck on consumer for faulty parts


Thank you for posting your concern, and let me apologize for any inconvenience caused. Let me understand your question with your order. Are you trying to connect both cables together, and then connecting it to a Video Source?

Send me a Private Message, click on my user name, send message, and send my your Order Number and Phone Number.

Thank you.

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