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I have call Dell on 20/07/2015 on 12pm i spoke to a lady name Rubi from technical support . I have told her my problem regarding my OS on my Dell and i hope for a format on my laptop,previously before her, my case was handle by a malay staff name Ahmad Farhan,and he is very helpful and will arrange someone to come down my place for a format of my Laptop, because i have told Dell that i dont have the OS CD with me, because when i purchase that time the retails , never pass me the OS CD and it take me so time to drop by the place to get it and i need to work. This lady Rubi make me feel that she is totally not helpful at all i would like to complain on her service on Dell useless for the consumer, she only can advise me to purchase a new OS CD from Dell if i don't have and only can guide me through the phone for Window issue only hardware issue only they will send down the technician to my place. *** service she is giving, and when i purchase the Dell laptop the sales person say untill Dell provide the best service ,any problem happen to my laptop they can arrange technician to my home, mean DOOR service for my Dell Laptop. I have told the Rubi if i really can do it myself for what i purchase the warranty for my Laptop ,and the warranty on Dell is not cheap for your info. When i spoke to Ahmad Farhan about my case, he understand and tell me dont worry he will bring his own OS CD to help me to solve my problem, but this Rubi is useless, need me to wait till i get my OS CD only call the m back again, i have been waiting for around 15-20 minutes for me to speak to them due to is really hard to get them. This crazy women want me to call again. Really don't feel like talking to her, because she really cant help me on my issue just create more issue for me. I hope the management can help me look into my case, and i this she need to be retrain on her skill of communication with consumer,  i have ask her who is the duty officer or manger that in charge today she told me all on holiday, mean Dell on holiday will not have any Duty officer that can make decision.SO I VERY DISAPPOINTED WITH THE SERVICE THAT DELL ARE PROVIDING 

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Hi KentYoong,

Thanks for posting on the USA Customer care Forum.

Since we are located in the US and do not have access to accounts located in your country, please contact the customer care department where you are located for assistance with this matter.  If you are unable to contact them through that method, you can contact @dellcares on Twitter for international assistance.  Thanks.



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