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DFS refuses to give me statement after paying account

This is costing me 10k dollars. I had a DFS account go to collections. (had a child and expenses were enormous- 20k++) so obviously that came first. The payments I could make were not sufficient to keep the account from going to collections. I have been trying to reconcile account since September 2014. Made a settlement agreement that had a 30 day expiration date, called back 10 days later to pay and they had sent it off to another collection agency and had no idea what I was talking about even though I still have the original fax with agreement terms and expiration date. Called the new collection agency to pay it and they could not locate my file. <profanity> Fast forward to now. I finally was able to settle my account April 6th after being beat up by the Dell collections rep saying I was dodging payments which is complete <profanity>. After I gave my payment over the phone if took about 30 seconds for the funds to be debited from my account, I was faxed an offer letter and I received an email saying the funds would be removed from my bank account. All within 20 minutes. Now I am requesting a statement showing that the account has been settled and I no longer have a balance. I am now being told that DFS will not release that for 30 days. So from April 7th to today April 23rd I have made countless phone calls to DFS requesting my statement and keep getting the same response. "it is our policy to hold the statement for 30 days" I have asked several times why it takes 30 days to fax me a statement and nobody can give me an answer. I was at one time told by a supervisor that "since we waited patiently for your payment then you need to wait patiently for your statement" <-------are you for real? You go anywhere and funds are exchanged you are instantly handed a receipt. I finally was able to get a supervisor to try and help me and I was told that it would be escalated past her. After we spoke a few times in the last few days I was told that I would receive a fax either 4/22 or 4/23 with my statement. It is now 5:38 local time where I live and still no statement. The only real reason I need this statement is to prove to my loan officer that the account has been reconciled so I can proceed with my home loan. My wife and I started building a home last fall. At this point I have not secured my loan for the simple fact that I cannot prove this account is paid. I have now lost $10,000 in earnest money and No longer have a home to look forward to. I shared this information with every person I spoke with at DFS and their response was "sorry, you have to wait 30 days". The kicker, I have spoken with an agent in my state, The maximum amount of time a statement can be held after an account has been paid or settled is 10 working days! So I ask you Dell, can I please have my statement showing my account has been settled and I no longer have a balance? Is there anyone who is willing to help me?

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RE: DFS refuses to give me statement after paying account

Hi Josh,

Thank you for posting your comments on the Dell Community Forum Customer Care Board. I’m not able to assist in this matter, as Dell, Inc., and Dell Financial Services (DFS)are two separate entities.

I am happy to forward your concerns to DFS representatives. Please reply to my email and provide the requested information so they may access your customer account.


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