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1 Amber
1 Amber

DPO order, unable to get real tracking number?

I was given a USPS Tracking number starting with FG3USPS. These numbers do not pull any results even to the DPO/APO/FPO when an inquiry is raised. It has already been established in all the forum discussions on this same matter.  Why can't Dell provide a simple tracking number is beyond me? It is no secret that the item will go to the respective processing facility (APO/FPO/DPO), issued a different tracking number to track in that system. But any inquiry to these facilities needs to start with a valid USPS tracking number used. Nothing secret about this. Can someone with true desire to assist help with this? 

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8 Krypton

If what you've ordered is a notebook computer, bear in mind the tracking number won't become active until the Post Office receives it, which in turn means there is a delay -- as much as a couple of weeks, since the systems are built in China before they're shipped to the USPS.


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