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Delayed Order -now Cancelled with no explanation or notification

On Nov. 29, 2013 I ordered a well spec'd XPS 15 laptop with a delivery estimate of 12/27/13.  Long story short -after two delay notification emails, the last one asking me to explicitly click on a link to accept the new delay and NOT CANCEL (which I did, and received a confirmation that the order will continue), I go onto the website to find out my order has been cancelled.  After two hours of talking to customer care and getting hung up on three times, I chatted with someone in sales which could provide no help, but tried to sell me a similarly spec'd, newer XPS for $1000 more.

First of all, I want a real explanation why my order was cancelled.  Secondly I want a similarly spec'd laptop for roughly the same price.  Who else can help? Is there a real department that can do something?

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RE: Delayed Order -now Cancelled with no explanation or notification


Fill  this form out to find out why it was cancelled?

As far as   getting  the same specs. for the same  price,  you'll  have to discuss this with the sales people.



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