Dell Care Doesn't Care

To preface this, since the mid '90s, my husband and I have bought a total of 10 Dell desktops and laptops.  Had no issues until now.  While my issues are relatively minor compared to what I've been reading recently in regards to what people are experiencing with support and warranty service, it has definitely caused me to rethink purchasing any more Dell products in the future as I don't feel support can be relied upon.  Will definitely stay away from any extended warranties as it sounds like it's not worth it as far as getting those honored or repaired/replaced in a satisfactory manner, let alone the communication issues with the language barrier etc. that comes with contacting support.

Dec. 31, 2019, I ordered a laptop and 2 monitors on the Dell website.  I am certain I signed up for Dell rewards since my husband previously bought a laptop that year and told me about it.  I tried to use my email address of p****.net for ordering, but kept getting error messages saying that email address was in use.  So, not knowing if it was from an older account I may have set up years ago, I tried to do a password reset with that address and got an error message 'email address unauthorized, contact customer care'.  I wanted to get the order done so I used another email address to set up an account, i*****.net, which I was able to do and place the order.  The items arrived fine, no issues there.  I tried once again, after contacting customer care as it said to do by emailing support a number of times to get the email address issue corrected as that was the one I preferred to use, to no avail.  In doing so, somehow my account got deactivated which apparently had an effect regarding the Dell Rewards I should have earned.  A few days ago, not knowing my account had been deactivated, I spent an hour on the phone talking to some one in India trying to get the email address issue fixed once and for all.  She kept sending me password resets which I never received, then finally she came back and said I had no account at all any more and would have to create a new one, then enter my customer number and I would be able to access Dell Rewards and info on the products I had bought.  So I attempted to do so with the email address I wanted to use in the first place, same error messages.  So, not getting anywhere I used the other email address when I created the account for the recent order and that worked, but I couldn't see my products or rewards, so I added my customer number to the account and then at least could see what I had purchased, which still had the error of saying my warranties expire in 90 days!  This was another issue I encountered and emailed about and was told that was wrong, it expires sometime in 2023.  If that's the case, why is that not reflected in my account online?  Why can that not be updated there to show the correct warranties?

I have received speedy replies each time I email or post here in community, which is great, but the issues are not resolved.  I still can't update to the email address I prefer and now I find that I have been cheated out of Dell rewards because of trying to update my email address and my account getting deactivated in the process, it now says my account was created March 4th instead of Dec 31 when I placed my order!  The 90 days warranty expire dates in my online account continues to exist, I guess I will just have to hope if I ever require warranty service, the emails I have received will be proof to the contrary. 

I will say, to my surprise, I actually did receive a private message from someone apparently in North America to my first post here regarding these issues, but as with the others it didn't resolve anything so I emailed back a couple days ago, but have yet to hear anything more so far.

It certainly doesn't inspire confidence in a company, that is supposed to be well versed in technology, yet is unable to help with a simple email address change and in the attempt of trying to do so, deactivates one's account which in turn cheats a customer out of Dell Rewards plus is still unable to show the correct warranty information in one's online account.

I suspect it's possible I may get another private message reply to this that won't fix anything, so it's looking like my only recourse now is to vent, starting here & maybe elsewhere as well.