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Dell Customer Service is Abusive

I wasted 1.5 hours on the phone and online between 6 of your representatives today about your CONSUMER NEGLIGENCE about your Dell 

Inspiron 15 7000 Series 7559

The hinge is clearly defective and you keep ignoring the issue, this is what abusive parents do when they know something is wrong. They abused me over the phone service and sent me back and 4th between departments( the same 2 departments!) when I requested I didn't care about the replacement or the warranty, I simply wanted to speak with someone about the design flaw.

They chose put me on hold mid-sentence, I'm taking time of of my work day to be abused by people I've paid money to and they didn't even fulfill the service they promised of laptop that wouldn't break with normal use.

Now I see them backtracking on this website telling honest customers that they simply opened the laptop from the wrong corner, which they never specified in its use for operation. Which if you knew your laptop breaks when you open it, YOU SHOULD WRITE IT ON THE COVER OF THE LAPTOP.

Here's 3 other support threads with multiple complaining about the same issue.




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