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Dell Customer Service is Deplorable

I am an IT consultant, and I regularly advise my clients to purchase Dell workstations to serve their IT needs. I must say, after my experiences with Customer Service, I can’t, in good conscience, make such recommendations in the future. I purchased a new top of the line Precision workstation, and it arrived broken, with a defective and nonfunctional display. I attempted to call technical support and customer service. The former said that they wouldn’t provide me with a replacement, and that I would need to go through customer service. I was unable to get in touch with customer service, in part due to their hours, until the 31st day after receiving the unit. The fact that I had spoken to technical support regarding this matter 2 weeks prior was not of concern when I spoke to the people at the call center, as they refused to help me because the 30 day return policy had expired.

 At this point, my only recourse is to go through tech support to have the unit “repaired”, but I know from prior experiences that they will not be fixing the unit properly and completely. The most frustrating part of this experience, is that I have no way of getting help. The people at the call centers are foreign and it’s often difficult to communicate with them. All I want is to speak to someone who is fluent in English and fully comprehends the nature of my complaint and requests. Instead, I speak to personnel who have difficulty speaking English, and managers who are rude and often don’t understand what it is that I’m saying.

 The 5 machines I purchase over the next year will not be from Dell, and neither will the 70-100 machines that my clients purchase.

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RE: Dell Customer Service is Deplorable

Hi RationaleIT,

             Thanks for posting on the forum! I’m really sorry to see you’ve had so much trouble getting help from our customer care teams. I’d like to help get you in touch with the right folks to resolve the problems you’ve been having with that new system. Please DM me your information, and I’ll do all I can to help out!


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RE: Dell Customer Service is Deplorable

Today I'm on a rant (or rather, a discussion) on this forum.

I'm not an IT guy but, rather, just a life-long fan of Dell.  Until recently.

Dell's "support" has become deplorable.  Outsourcing virtually every aspect of one's "support" to India does not a great company make.  I hope, someday, Dell wakes up and realizes that!


RE: Dell Customer Service is Deplorable

Hi NotGreatButGrrrrr,

Thank you for posting your comments on the Dell Community Forum Customer Care Board. I sincerely regret your experience was extremely disappointing.  

The Customer Care Board is not for technical issues, however I would be happy to forward you concerns to representatives that could assist with any technical issues you may be experiencing. Please reply to my private message and provide the requested information so I may access your account records.


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