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Dell Customer Support Scam! Dell information compromised

They called my parents house from number 800-425-0090 they knew his model, his name, and account from Dell. They scared him into thinking his computer has viruses at which point they used Dell's assistant program to take control of the PC. They also knew how to do this. When my father realized they were trying to scare him, he asked for them to leave a notepad message saying what was wrong with the PC. They left a notepad text file saying viruses, hacking. This is definitely a scam and furthermore they have information only Dell would have and used Dell's program to gain access. I have been a Dell customer for over 12 years and have never had this happen let alone to my parents which I bought their system for. Now I am at fear of a potential identity stolen problem, and feel like Dell has neglected to keep their information private. The service which I bought to keep the computer safe by Dell was compromised and services were not rendered. I expect this matter to be taken seriously before I take up a notch. Dell fix it!

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Hi nycmike123,

Thank you for posting your concerns on the Dell Community Forum Customer Care Board. Please allow me to apologize for any frustration or disappointment you or your parents may have experienced.

Unfortunately, there are unscrupulous third party entities posing as Dell or Microsoft representatives trying to obtain personal credit card information from Dell customers. Please be assured we take these reports very seriously. DO NOT give them any personal information as they are not associated with Dell.

While I am unable to determine who is actually responsible for these third party calls, I do want you to report this as quickly as possible. Please review the instructions provided on the DCF Customer Care Board, "Scammers posing as Dell Technical Support".

If you need anymore help or wish to discuss this further, email me.


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