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Dell Customer support was awful!

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I just wanted to post about a experience i had with a DELL support person for my All-In-One 2720 machine that was unbelievable. I called last night because my DVD drive on my new (12 days old) computer was not burning properly. The support person took control of my computer and proceeded to download two different burning utilities to check the drive (image burn and magic iso maker). She took two hours playing with my computer and trying to get the burner to work. In the end, she said the problem was on my side because i had downloaded virus / malware  and that was the reason it was not working. She said that I would have to re-install the whole operating system and it should work. I did not believe her because it was clearly a hardware issue. I asked here to show me the malware she was talking about. She showed me an instance of CONDUIT search that was installed. Mind you, I NEVER install anything with conduit and I am very particular when i install third party software.  I asked her when it was installed and she said today because you could see the date by looking at the programs list. Furthermore, it was installed AFTER she had installed the two image burning third party software. I told her, first of all, that conduit was installed today and I haven't installed anything on my computer today and, second of all, it was installed after you installed the third party burning software and you have had control of my computer the whole time. She dismissed the fact that she could have installed it and said that i would still have to do a clean install. I said, even if conduit had something to do with it, this problem was from two days ago before conduit was on my computer! She didn't care and that was the end of the conversation. After she hung up, I checked the installation files of the two programs she installed and, low and behold, the Image burn software installs conduit search during the installation unless you expressly tell it not to. Then I come to find out with my computer, they have to send someone to my house to fix it. Now I understand. It probably looks bad for her to have to send someone to fix a machine because it costs so much to send someone out. I really think she put conduit on my computer purposefully! Sorry about rambling on but please pay close attention when someone from Dell takes control of your computer. Don't make the same mistake i did and trust that they know what they are doing. Now i have to call back and fight with another tech person from Dell to take care of this problem. This should not happen when you spend close to $2000 for a computer.


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RE: Beware Dell Customer support!!!


Fill out this form to escalate this issue. They should get back to you in about two business days.



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