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Dell Inspiron 7559 hinges causes case separation after 6 months of standard use.

I'll start by saying this, I have never dropped this laptop. I am willing to photograph every inch of it to prove that case. 

A few months after buying I noticed that every time I lifted the screen, using only the amount of pressure necessary to do so, the casing began to split at the base where the hinges attached. After having the laptop sent to Dell "support" I was told that I had caused the damage and it wasn't covered by their warranty. Funny though, because with some basic searching I found out that this problem is pretty rampant with the inspiron 7559 model. But of course, just because hundreds of people have the same issue and have even posted photos like mine, its still my fault and has nothing to do with a faulty design. So after refusing to pay the $160, they shipped it back and the best part is, I HAD TO RE-ATTACH THE ****ING KEYBOARD. They couldn't even be bothered to put the thing back together again properly. Don't buy a Dell. Just don't do it.

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