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Dell Keeps Cancelling My Orders 3 times now

My orders keep getting canceled. No rep is able to explain why. I tried to order first time through chat, and 2 times over the phone. I get confirmation and estimated ship dates. Then I check the status a week later and canceled. I work at a school and they mess up the tax exemption status even though it is already on File and under the account for the school. We have to constantly make a tax exemption letterhead for the tax department who never replies to anything. This is not the first time I have ordered through Dell or a  Dell re-seller. Usually I have bulk orders and this time it is just for 1,   that is 1 laptop. How difficult should this really be? I like Dell products they are a good price, warranty is great, and I've never had this much trouble.  I Need an explanation

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RE: Dell Keeps Cancelling My Orders 3 times now

Hi c4m,

Thank you for posting your concerns on the Dell Community Forum Customer Care Board. Please allow me to apologize for any frustration the cancellations may have caused. We strive to provide a pleasant purchase experience for all our customers.

I may be able to assist you in this matter. Please reply to my email and provide the requested information so I may access  your account records.


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