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Dell Next Business Day On-Site Service

I am extremely disappointed with the value of the next business day on site warranty. I paid several hundred dollars to upgrade to this simply because access to my PC is critical. After 2 years i have a hardware issue that needs on site-service, which clearly requires parts, only to be told it will not be next day because it requires parts.

How many times does a next day on-site technical support, after phone support, not require parts. It is a complete farce that you brand this as next day, and then put "subject to parts" way down in the small fine print, and in a community article. 


Do not buy the next day service, its a scam and waste of money. In future i will never buy from Dell/Alienware again. Yes the machines are well constructed but waiting days for something that will take me 30 minutes to fix myself is a terrible shame.


Is is possible to get a refund for my on-site support contract and replace the parts myself?