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Dell Order Verification

I am looking for some clarification on the verification process used for online orders.

Soon after I placed my order for a new laptop I received a very suspicious-looking email, reproduced in full below. 

Dear Customer,
This is a communication from the Dell Order Verification Team.
Please confirm the delivery address and the card registered address so that we can proceed with your order.
Please confirm the university /work email address for the card holder and mail us from that email address to validate and approve the order.

<removed Dell private information>

The "Dear Customer" rather than a name, directness and lack of official formatting looked to me like all the hallmarks of a scam, particularly since it asks for university or work information when this was ordered on a personal credit card for personal use.
But before I replied to this I got a call from the customer verification themselves, and things got more confusing.
I was first told that my card had been declined and I need to confirm details. Clearly this was not the case as;
  1. I had given the authorisation code to my bank as I have to do for all online purchses and this was cleared
  2. The Dell order progress bar showed that payment was accepted and my laptop is in pre-production.
When I pointed this out I was then told that the card had NOT been declined, and the payment had in fact already been processed. So I asked what they were checking for and the explanation I was then given was that the bank had allowed the payment but declined the address. (Never heard of  a bank declining something while allowing money to transfer!) I was then asked if here were any missing lines from the address. The only possible missing part was my country, which I gave. The caller from Dell then declared immediately that this was OK with the bank & that the order was verified!
So my basic question for my own peace of mind is; Is this normal?
I would say this was a scam if it wasn't that the Dell addresses check out and that only the address was asked for & no card information. Is this just a misleading, confusing and illogical process? It has made me a bit nervous about the purchase as it all looks very shoddy for a company as large & well-established as Dell.
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Re: Dell Order Verification


Before I removed the Dell private data from your posting, I verified that he indeed does work for Dell accounts receivables. I have no idea why he wrote, "Dear Customer,".

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Re: Dell Order Verification

I received a similar email and also thought it looked very dubious. I was reluctant to reply. It didn't look like an email from Dell. Also I had nothing to compare my order number to as it didn't match anything I'd been given previously. Not very happy.

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Re: Dell Order Verification

The email I received telling me my order had be canceled "at my request" looked very similar. There were typos even! I never requested the order be canceled. I seriously thought it was some kind of phishing scam to get me to re-enter my credit card info on a non-Dell site. Imagine my surprise when I called customer support listed on the website and lo and behold my order was canceled! Though I never requested cancellation! Ugh. I am KICKING myself for going back and ordering another Dell. I should have learned my lesson the first time.

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Re: Dell Order Verification



I have a serious problem and I am already getting fed up so much so that i wish to get another laptop form another  company. For over a month I have been trying to order a laptop for over a month now. I have written to customer service more than 10 times. Each time a new hitch. Now i have to verify and I got to know this after i contacted them again. For over a month i skip from one issue to the other.!!!!!!

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