Dell Rewards Order shipped June 9th 2017

Hello I purchased a Dell Alienware Aurora R6 on June 9 2017 and todays date is July 13th 2017 I spent $2,066 $1,499 was financed $567 was paid on debit card I was told I would receive my rewards within 48 hours of shipment of 6 percent for that of which is financed and 3 percent for that of which was paid outright. As of today I still have no rewards and when I call Dell just says dont worry it will be put on there. When? You guys change your rules like normal people change there undies. Please fix this ASAP or let me know whats up .

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RE: Dell Rewards Order shipped June 9th 2017


Thanks for reaching out. Please private message the order number, registered name on the account and your email address. Let me look up for the details. 

You could send us a private message by hovering the mouse pointer over my username, and adding me as

Dell-Sahana R
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