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Dell Stardard warranty nightmare.

Hey yall,

So I bought a Dell G7 15 7590 for 1522$USD late July 2019.  I will say that I didn't really understand how Dell warranties work, I simply thought it was covered for a year and nothing should happen right. And if something went wrong I could get Dell to help me.

Well at 5 months old the laptop died.  Long story short, the laptop has had 4 mail ins now, with a 5th coming as soon as I decide what I want to do.  

First mail in to the Dell service depot they nothing and mailed it back to me, said they couldn't recreate the issue and would not contact me before sending it back.  How they couldn't determine the issues is beyond me. You can smell the burning plastic...

Second mail in, they replace the MOBO and GPU. Still didn't fix the issue

Third mail in, replace the MOBO again. Issues are "fixed" but the case is damaged.

Forth mail in was to repair the case damage the service depot did, scratches, dents, floating parts inside the laptop.  When they shipped it back to me the case was fully repaired but there are still parts floating around inside the laptop. 

They want me to mail it again.  This is now 68+ days of this laptop being in the Dell warranty repair system. 

Almost every time I send it in they put it on HOLD, waiting to contact me to give them approval to reinstall windows.  The phone number they give you puts you on hold, then forces a voicemail, which they don't call back.  You have to call nonstop until they pickup, often it took 15-20 call attempts to reach anyone. They've reinstalled windows 4-5 times now.  That's their fix for everything.

The escalation service rep doesn't do anything to help.  he simply states the same message that I get in emails and on the Dells website under the status report for the service tag.  It's always "I'm sorry, we care about you, please wait 2-3 days for the next update".  This is per the warranty terms.

I filed a claim with the BBB, they closed the claim, stating that Dell is working with me and following the purchase agreement. 

I contacted a lawyer, they said the same thing. Dell is acting within the law.

I don't know what to do, I'm at my wits end trying to deal with the Service rep in India, I can't live my life taking this <profanity> laptop to fed ex every few weeks, then working my life around the signature required delivery.  This has been a nightmare for my family, we spent a lot to get this laptop.  I dunno what to do. Never in my life have i spent this kind of money only to have this much of a hardship.

Any ideas, anything I haven't tried?


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Re: Dell Stardard warranty nightmare.

Got the typical response from @dellcares

"Please keep working with your escalation member..."

<Profanity removed>.