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Dell Still Hasn't Fixed My XPS 15 9560


I first contacted Dell in October 2017 about a problem with my XPS 15. When I would take the laptop off the charger it will not turn on. I would push the power button and it will light up for about 30 seconds. After that the light will turn off. It will either boot up if I push the power button again or it will take multiple attempts for it to finally turn on. This only happens after I charge the device and try to turn it on afterwards.

Attempts For Solution

I've spent multiple hours on the phone with Dell trying to fix the problem and there still hasn't been a solution. I've sent the computer to their depot three times and had an onsite technician replace parts twice. They replaced the motherboard almost every time, hoping that it will change something. After all these repairs the problem is still happening. Dell then sent me a refurbished replacement system and within the same day i received it I found out that the replacement system had the same problem happening to it. I once again contacted Dell and they sent me another refurbished replacement system. And now this replacement system has the same issue as the past two. I then had to contact Dell and asked for a full refund or a NEW replacement system, which they denied. They now want me to send it back to their depot again for them to most likely just replace another motherboard.

Any Help, Please

I thought it was a reasonable request for a refund/NEW replacement after sending the original system in multiple times and having multiple technicians come replace parts. I find it a bit ridiculous that the two replacement systems had the same problem and that they weren't tested for it before they were sent out to me. I've been trying to get this fixed for over seven months and still no solution. My one year warranty is now running out and I fear that it will never be fixed. I don't see that there will be an end to this ongoing problem, since its been over seven months now. Is there any action I could take to get this whole situation resolved? Please, any help will be appreciated. 

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