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Dell Tax Department - Out to Lunch

I purchased a lot of Dell Equipment throughout the year for clients and for some reason Dell continues to charge me tax on orders and change my customer number.

Over the last 20 years I have had over 15 different customer numbers assigned to me.

After going through other vendors for my client purchases I decide to give Dell another try and behold they **bleep** up my order yet again and charged me sales tax.

I placed my order on 10/2/2018 ans even sent their tax department a copy of my latest state reseller certificate when I saw they gave me a new customer number.

I received an auto reply stating I would get a response in 48 hours.

48 Hours later - no reply.

I send another e-mail on 10/9/2018 regarding the same issue.

I get another auto-reply to wait another 48 hours

Yesterday I called Dell and was hung up on after 7 minutes.

After giving the rep the name, e-mail address, order number, etc.... they ask if they can put you on hold and then they hang up.

I called back again, went over all the same information once again. They ask if they can put me on hold and then a few minutes later I'm hung up on yet again.

The third time I get Gloria and I give her the information, once again, when she asks to put me on hold I say no thank you as I've already been hung up on 2 times today.

She goes o her computer and checks this and that then says she can't help me.

I ask to speak with a supervisor and she does a little more checking then 47 minutes into the call I get a click and she's gone.

The lack of customer service is appalling and has forced me to stop purchasing a lot of my equipment through from Dell.

Until more people voice their complaints and stop purchasing their products directly from Dell I don't think their service is going to improve.

They just don't seem to care about their customers after the sale.

They have found a way to profit from their customers by providing stateside service and support for more money.

An American Company charging more to talk with an American Support Person - Who would of thought.

This is the only avenue I have to get some sort of resolution as I've already wasted a couple hours of my life only to get nowhere via e-mail or phone.

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Re: Dell Tax Department - Out to Lunch

I purchase over 30K in Dell a year.  I have fought this fight at least 8 times.  NOBODY CARES about small business purchases or needs.  They have revamped the PARTNER and PREMIER to one group and the bottom feeders, those that purchases machines that don't cost a thousand dollars each are of no interest at all to Dell.   There is no love and no plan for them.  I and my customers are in that bucket.

You can't buy the Inpsiron line under the Partner website.  HOWEVER I support seniors and that machine is perfect for them.  Seniors do not need a 1k Optiplex.  If I buy Inspiron I get taxed.  Every.  Single.  Time.  I'm told to send in the invoice for relief to the tax department and they will process it  in five days.  (per partner reps).  I've been doing that since August.  (It's now October) and NOT A SINGLE DOLLAR OF TAX HAS BEEN CREDITED TO ME YET.  The tax dept.  keeps sending back a form letter.  Half the time, like today, I can't fax to them as the fax machine isn't even answering.  Likely printed all the paper which landed on the floor for the janitors to throw away this evening because DELL DOESN'T CARE ABOUT SMALL BUSINESS.

Even on the Partner/Premier side I have to re-fax the Tax documents and wait - while an order is held - weeks to get it straight.  Randomly and out of the blue.  Dell will swear my tax certificate is expired.  I currently have 5 versions for the past 12 months.  It's not expired.  I also have more than 5 account numbers.  I have no idea why, but they get created under the Inspiron purchases not the Premier purchases.

I'm at a loss as to what to do as well.  I'm not up for the fight today but I'm wondering if I can't sic a state tax agency on them to light a fire to solution.  The problem starts with Dell not wanting to support re-sellers on the "consumer" line.  Basically there is no process to resell that line as a partner.  Even at 30K a year....

I feel your pain.  Thanks for letting me know I'm not alone.

Anand Deskmukh is the Tax guy who doesn't do anything but send form letters out.



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Re: Dell Tax Department - Out to Lunch

I actually Bought an Optiplex 750 Small Form Factor with 2 Dell UltraSharp Monitors and logged into my account, like I normally do and placed the order.

I didn't realize I would be getting, yet another, customer number until I received my confirmation e-mail.

I then sent in a copy of my reseller certificate via e-mail to tax_department@dell.com and received their auto-reply for a 48 hour response that never happened.

Hopefully this gets enough attention to make a difference for the rest of us who don't have million dollar purchases every month.

I've already started ordering more equipment from HP as a result of their poor service and so far I haven't had the same experience.

After purchasing servers and equipment from Dell for over 20 years I've had enough with their lack of support and response.

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