Dell Tech destroyed my computer - Dell will not make it right

I have a Dell Precision 6800, this machine started acting up on October 16th. I contacted Dell and they sent out parts and a technician. the technician that arrived left my computer damaged and unusable. Dell sent SEVERAL more dispatches with broken parts, refurbished units, and other technicians. my computer is still broken and unusable. Dell finally decided to replace it with a "Like or better" computer. however sent me a computer with less features and less video performance (this was also a refurb) this computer showed up with a broken keyboard and no working USB ports. this computer limped along for about 6 days and now will no longer power on. Dell has let me without a working computer for over 37 days and counting. I have filed countless escalations, contacted our account manager, even contacted the board of directors and have been met with requests to wait on them to communicate via email. this is completely unacceptable, and I will NEVER purchase another Dell product. I have lost thousands of dollars in lost wages over not being able to work without this machine and It is going to cost me thousands of dollars to replace this laptop that a dell technician destroyed. I spent extra on a 24hr onsite warranty, and not ONCE has dell responded in 24 hrs.

DAY 37!

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