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Dell Warranty Support is the Worst

I purchased a Inspiron Chromebook 7486 2-in-1 14". The computer was used for about a month with defective issues. Warranty support was contacted and the worst customer support series of events started to occur. The computer was sent in to Dell warranty repair for the first time around Jan. 10 2020. Dell repair said that they cleaned the system, ran the system tests and said everything was good. When I received the computer everything was set back up and the same problem persisted. After talking with Dell repair, I had to send it into repair again. I waited forever as the part they needed to replace was on back order for a month. Dell said they would go ahead and replace the computer. Finally after waiting more than a month a replacement computer arrived on February 13 2020. The replacement computer was a refurbished unit. I sent them a brand new computer for repair and they replaced it with a scratched, dinged up, used computer. Obviously Dell didn't do anything to repair or check the refurbished unit because it arrived defective also. The back lighting on the keyboard does not work. Guess what, I have to send it back to warranty repair again. The Dell warranty support agents are a contracted out-of-the country foreign speaking company. Most of them do not write or speak English well enough to understand. They are very stringent to their policies and procedures and will do very little to better serve the customer. I have had to contact warranty support over 15 times about this issue and still problems persists. <soliciting>