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To say the least dell customer service is the worst.  Their chat line is unbelievably bad as well.   My USB port went own while under wArranty.   After hours of them telling me what to do, they said have your computer backed up and reset the computer.  In order for me to backup my computer, which by the way is a business computer, I had to pay my tech to back up.  After all that it still didn't work.  So then they ordered the part and a tech came out to repair it 39.00 later.  After he checked it he said all was good.  NOT. The USB still didn't work.  My IT tried to get onto my computer remotely and couldn't for days.  We couldn't figure out why.  I decided to open the computer, since I do know some things about them, and what do I find but the two wire for the wifi connection had been disconneted.  I re attached them and had my guy finish up working on the computer.  It worked.  I then asked for reimbursement of the money I paid my tech and was told that they don't cover backing up of systems and that their tech had been reprimanded,   I have blown off by them.  I will never buy another dell product and will tell other people that the service you receive from them is slim to none.  I feel like dell doesn't care about their customers.  Being transferred 5 times in one day to finally get to a person who said he would help me and get my problem to Texas was extremely unwarranted.  I run a company and would never treat my clients the way dell has treated me

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RE: Dell customer service

Hi Crewella,

Thanks for posting and bringing this to our attention.

Apologies that your computer had a problem with the USB, and congratulations for getting that resolved.  We will discuss this with the onsite technicians to be sure that it doesn't happen again in the future.

As far as backing up of your data on your system, it is the customers responsibility to perform frequent backups of their data, and is outlined in the warranty contract.

Dell does not reimburse customers for services incurred by third party technicians, as our technicians can provide step by step instructions or they can be found in our knowledge base articles.

Hopefully you find this information helpful, and if you need further assistance please contact me directly through private message.  Thanks.


Dell-Robert P
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