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Dell has provided the worst customer service experience

Dell has provided the worst customer service experience in the history of customer service.

First, I will give a little background: I have a Birthday coming up. My girlfriend wanted to buy me a laptop for my birthday. In this case it was a fully loaded XPS 15.

We made the purchase last week. All was fine. A day later, I received a call from the 1st customer service employee. She was asking for the credit card information over the phone. I explained that I did not want to provide the information over the phone as the way she was asking questions was sketchy and I had no proof that she was who she said she was. She told me the credit card information was incorrect (which it was correct I don't really understand the confusion). I told her I would cancel the order and repurchase the laptop double checking all information was correct as I did not want to give a new card number over the phone.

I then purchased the XPS 15 a second time. After a few hours, the card was charged and I had a confirmation email. However, the order did not show up on my Dell account. I called to ask what had happened. A second Dell customer service employee told me the credit card information was incorrect. This was obviously false as the credit card was charged and we could see it reflected on our account. Employee #2 then transferred me to Dell Employee #3. I explained the situation to employee #3 who then couldn't understand the information I was trying to convey. I was then transferred to Employee #4. Employee #4 was able to confirm that my card was processed and said everything was fine.

Fast Forward to the weekend (Saturday). I received an email in the evening from Employee #5 "Izaz Barbhuiya" that the order was Held due to incorrect credit card information. At this point both my girlfriend and I are seeing red with anger. My girlfriend calls the credit card company who confirms that Dell has charged the card and that they do not know why the keep holding the laptop. They provided us with a confirmation code to provide Dell.

We then contact Dell through Facebook message in hopes that employee #6 over Facebook can provide better customer service. We provide all pertinent details. Some time later on Sunday evening, we receive a response that the hold up is due to a lack of parts for the XPS 15. We were skeptical as there was no mention of this in the emails that specified it was held due to credit card problems. Some time later Employee #7 (yes new employee) got in contact with us and told us that the credit card hold was already sorted out prior and to disregard the email. Everything was good to go and they would be getting the item ready.

Monday evening hits, our dinner is disturbed by employee #8 calling my girlfriend's cell. The employee tells her that they are holding the laptop because of credit card information not matching. She then gets annoyed explains we have been through this process multiple times and want it sorted out. Once again she provides them with the confirmation code provided by our credit card company proving the purchase was made. Some time later, employee #9 emails a confirmation that the order is ready confirmed (AGAIN). At this point, both my girlfriend and myself are debating whether we just ask for the money back and take business elsewhere due to extreme incompetence. We decide to tough it out in hopes that the laptop gets here for my birthday (as it should have been).

Tuesday: My girlfriend is disturbed at work by Employee #10. Asking for us for the same information that has been asked for multiple times prior (and provided). Once again the order is on hold as we speak. 

From this experience, I can say that despite having a perceived good quality machine. The lack of intelligence by the customer service employees that Dell hires completely makes the purchasing process unbearable. I personally would not recommend giving your business to Dell. In doing my research, it appears that I am not the only one who has had horror stories dealing with this company. I would like to comment on the quality of the machine, but it seems Dell just wants to keep our money and not provide us with the machine. 

At this point we are thinking its time to take business elsewhere. There is no way a competitor can have worse customer service than this.