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Dell lost a sale

For 20 years, I have order Dell computers for about 30 hotels.  After retiring I continued ordering laptops from Dell for encourage our nephews and nieces to go to college.  I enjoyed their selections, flexibility, and support.  In May of 2013, I almost switched to another brand because of lack of flexibility of the sales department.  Then, about January 10th, I researched an Inspiron 17" computer online.  I couldn't find exactly what I was looking for, so I called Dell sales.  The gentleman was very polite and seemed knowledgeable, but the familiar flexibility that I became accustomed to was not there.  The model I picked out was $649.  I tried to get a different drive, "no can do."  There were a few other options that I wanted. "No can do."

I contacted HP and found their model Envy17t-1j 100.  I got an extra year warranty, a hyper drive (SSD+1 TB drive), 2 more GB of ram, and an upgrade to a 6 cell battery, I got all this for $90 dollars extra.  If you are listening Dell, you just aren't what you used to be.  You have lost your flexibility in sales, yet you want top dollar for your product.  You remind me of IBM years ago when they thought they couldn't be touched.  

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