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Dell's surreal greed

I have purchased no fewer than 20 higher-end Dell laptops for my extended family over the last 10 years. I have 6 Precision M4700/4800s for my family's use in my homes. My oldest laptop is a Latitude 6530, at the time I bought it the most expensive laptop Dell sold. But, it is having a serious and mystifying problem of overheating, and before discarding it I wanted to try an OS reinstall, as bad drivers can cause the behavior it is showing. But when I went to the OS Recovery tool, it refused to provide me a copy of the reinstall disks as the laptop was more than 5 years old and Dell would instead charge me for providing the copy. To think, the Dell programmers did extra work to add this "feature" into the tool, to not simply match Service Tags and download. For what reason, Michael Dell? You have triggered me. I was a great customer of yours, borderline evangelical.

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