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Dell support is very very BAD!!!!!

I'm writing this to you because i'm very very unhappy with the service that you guys provided me for my last purchase off of dell, i always looked at dell at a very good brandname and had always used dell laptops for the past 10 years, but the support that i get when i bought my alienware mx15 was just horrible, i called it in during my time of warranty yet u guys didnt do anything about it, what use is it for me to buy such an expensive laptop just to have it work for 3 months and die out on me? You think alot of people would spend that kind of money without knowing about computers??? Your technician make it seems like i dont know what i'm doing or something and customer service put me on hold for over 2 hours if you dont believe me go check it yourself i had to finally hang up and call again. With this i'm just letting you know that i'll be blogging and put my situation on facebook warning all of my friends about Dell's horrible service. You have a great day. You just lost a valued customer over something so small and wouldnt fix, and it was your problem to give me the defected laptop to begin with. Have a pleasant day now.

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RE: Dell support is very very BAD!!!!!


I'm not sure if you are asking for help, or just venting? If you had a problem with your system and it was under warranty it should have been fixed.  To escalate this issue, email AW @ this address:


Also fill out this form which will also escalate this issue. You should get a response in a few business days.



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